Prof. dr sci Velimir Lj.Ćerimović has been promoted to academian

Based on the Resolution of the President of the Serbian Royal Association of Academicians, Innovators and Scientists (SKAIN), academician Prof. dr sci Ljubinko Ilic, issued on the 4th of January 2014, the members of the scientific committee of SKAIN: academician Prof. Dr sci Nedeljko Dzelеtovic – president, academician Prof. dr sci Vojislav Vukcevic – member, academician Prof. dr sci Dragan C. Lukic – mentor, evaluated the entire scientific and professional qualities and working experience gained in the field of research and teaching, three published books (two scientific monographs on church structures of stavropygial Archbishopric of Karlovac and stavropygial Archbishopric of Belgrade-Karlovac) as well as numerous research papers published in various international and national journals, then works for national and international symposiums and significant science and research results in the field of architecture and urbanism, and received awards for devoted and professional dealing with the mentioned research field, proposed electing Prof. dr sci Velimir Lj. Cerimovic a FULL MEMBER of the Serbian Royal Association of Academicians, Innovators and Scientists (SKAIN).

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About us

Founder, PR and manager: Prof. Velimir Lj. Cerimovic, Doctor of Technical Science in the field of Architecture and Urbanism, professor at University UNION Nikola Tesla in Belgrade, 62-64 Cara Dusana Street; Email: and

Since 2010, while developing a program for THE FIRST INSTITUTE OF LANDSCAPE-ARCHITECTURAL-URBANISTIC CONSTRUCTION OF SERBIA (PIPAUGS), Ph. D. sci Velimir Lj. Cerimovic has been gathering professional and scientific staff as well as other referent persons and associations in order to present, develop and affirm a 3D program meant for research and education in the field of landscape-architectural-urbanistic construction, creative works, culture, art and construction-urban and church-national heritage. The aim is to gain a personnel-based and software prerequisite needed for its professional and scientific maturity, justification, higher-education institutionalization, promotion and sustainable work, mission as well as sustainable development and existence as a relevant scientific institution. The mentioned objective is to be achieved by publishing professional-scientific papers, transparency, crystallization and synthesis of relevant skills and knowledge regarding the field itself.

The reasons for such initiatives have existed for a few decades, since the mentioned departments of landscape architecture and eco-urban planning lack both usage and promotion of 3D knowledge. Yet, the out-of-date and unsustainable 2D theory and speculative 2D "patents" are still promoted. The lack of implementation is also visible in the Orthodox church department. Also, the already acquired knowledge of archetypal concept and program, hierophanic and theophanic genius loci, of development and typology of the Orthodox church port shape as well as of important differences between the sacred and profane space.

In the same way, when it comes to the modern vision of 3D landscape architectural urbanistic construction in the first decade and the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, the author of this text and the founder of the first form of electronic-institutional form of presentations and availability published and presented a rather impressive number of scientific and professional articles in various scientific magazines, academic journals, аt numerous symposiums, conferences, and so on. Some of the mentioned scientific articles are available at the web sites of the magazines (Savremeno graditeljstvo, Prostor or, and others can be read at the address of the Serbian quotation index (SCI index), where the following magazines are available: Izgradnja, Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva, Zbornik Matice srpske za likovne umetnosti, Nasledje, Arhitektura i urbanizam, Arhitektura, etc.

The opening of this www site is supposed to use a higher level of communication and understanding in order to provide an access to scientific papers in the field of landscape-architectural-urbanistic construction of Serbia, thus making it available to target groups, as a contemporary, relevant and socially useful scientific discourse.